2017/2018 CYCABC Board of Directors

Janet Westcott, BA CYC– Chair

Janet Westcott has served on the CYCABC Board of Directors for since 2009. Most recently, Janet has served as the board’s Acting Chair. Janet’s interests include expanding the Association’s profile and developing a hub for Child and Youth Care practitioners. Janet has been as a dedicated CYC Counsellor for approximately 15 years, and is currently a Residential Program Manager for Hollyburn Family Services, managing multiple programs serving clients with special needs. She has experience working with a diverse population. She was the first supervisor of the North Shore Youth Safe House, a youth shelter aiming to reduce homelessness run by Hollyburn Family Services in North Vancouver. Her past experience includes work in communities such as Squamish and the Sea to Sky Corridor, North Vancouver and East Vancouver and includes duties such as program development, enhancing community profile, fundraising, care plan development and execution, and stabilization of high-risk behaviours. She was an integral member of the committee to open the Squamish Youth Resource Center. Janet has spent the last 11 years working in residential stabilization and assessment programs for children and youth. She has supported people experiencing substance use, high-risk behaviours, mental health issues, abuse and neglect as well as children, youth and young adults with multiple diagnosis including Autism, ADHD and FASD.

Jessica McCallum, Diploma CYCC – Vice Chair

Jessica is a Supervisor of Residential Services for Hollyburn Family Services in North Vancouver. She has her diploma in Child and Youth Care and has been working with youth and families for 9 years. This includes running after school programs for pre-teen girls with the Vancouver school board, supporting teen mothers as they transition into independence, running summer day camp groups for the City of Vancouver and working with First Nations Communities . This will be her third year on the board serving as treasurer. She is enthusiastic about the work that the Association is doing and she is looking forward to being a part of the positive changes that lay ahead.

Taelor Taylor, BA CYC – Secretary

In 2009, Taelor graduated with a Diploma in Child and Youth Care Counselling, and in 2015, achieved their BA in Child and Youth Care.

“In 2015, I attended my second workshop put on by the CYCABC. This workshop was different in that the AGM was held at the end. During the AGM, nominations from the floor were accepted for the Board position of Member at Large. I requested to be nominated for one of the two positions and have been in this role for the past year. I believe that the lessons I have learned over this past year have put me in a position to fulfill the mandate of the Secretary on the Board of Directors of the CYCABC.

I passionately believe in all of the Association’s objectives, but feel especially strongly about the first one: “To enhance and promote the profession through the adoption of standards of practice for our members and move toward regulation of the profession within the province”. I believe the only way we can accomplish this goal, as well as the six others, is through the concerted efforts of not only the general membership, but with the leadership of a strong board of directors.

As a member of the CYC profession, I feel blessed to have come into a line of work that allows me to support children and youth. It was not a path I started on, and it was not a path I anticipated ending up on; however, it is a path I am overjoyed to be on.”

Susan Hunt, BA CYC – Treasurer

Susan is a Child and Youth Care practitioner with 21 years of experience in the field of supporting vulnerable children, youth and families. Throughout her career she has worked in a multitude of therapeutic settings within schools, group homes, community settings and mental health resources and she is currently employed at the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre; an MCFD Provincial Resource for youth struggling with significant emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. After many years in a front line role with youth and families, Susan has begun to focus on working alongside community partners in program development and in leadership roles mentoring other CYC practitioners in the field. This has led her to returning to school to further her education by completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of the Fraser Valley. Susan has held a position as a Member at Large on the CYCABC for the past two years and is passionate about the growth and recognition of the CYC profession.

JJ Johnson, BA CYC – Member-at-Large

JJ is proud to have worked in Child and Youth Care settings for over 10 years, including community non-profit, special needs/community living, youth safe house, recreation and school settings. They are currently a Community Youth Development Worker with City of Vancouver and Vancouver Parks Board. With a passion for youth engagement, youth leadership and community development, JJ hopes to bring forward strong values to current and future Child and Youth Care workers.

They achieved both their diploma in Child and Youth Care Counselling as well as their Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care from Douglas College.

Maureen Thompson, BA CYC – Member-at-Large

“I am a proud and passionate Youth Worker who graduated from UVIC’s School of Child and Youth Care in 1986. In the interim years I have worked in the areas of Traumatic Brain Injury, Aboriginal Education, Drug and Alcohol Education and Intervention, and School Based Youth Work (primarily intensive behavior support). The last 18 years I have worked with the Abbotsford School district with all ages K-12 and am now one of two Youth Workers on the Leadership Team for the Learning Support Services Department. We mentor the school based youth workers and provide information, resources and support to them on an ongoing basis. I am also responsible for a program re-engaging at risk students and working with them and their families to provide opportunities for school completion.

Youth Work has been a source of great personal reward for me, and I passionately share my enthusiasm for the role of professional Youth Work in the development of good citizens of the world. I have always struggled with the fact that Youth Work is not the most financially rewarding career but yet I have never wanted to do anything else. I’ve often heard “Why don’t you get your teaching degree?” or “Why don’t you do your Masters in Counselling?”…. and my honest response is “I AM A YOUTH WORKER, I value the work I do, and I shouldn’t have to change the name of my degree to be recognized as a professional”. If I am to become a member of the executive of the CYCABC I will work on behalf all Youth Workers to raise the profile of the Child and Youth Care Worker profession. I believe that in the pursuit of the skills, knowledge and values of professionalism, we also raise the standard of the services we provide to the children, youth and families we work with and care for in our daily practice.”

Meredith Graham, Member-at-Large
Cody Jacques, Member-at-Large

Volunteer Members 2017/18:

Rebecca Lang
Hailey Rennie
Lenna Nakamura
Collete Bohach