*Please Note:  Membership for 2023/2024 runs from April 1 2023 thru March 31, 2024. * Renew your CYCABC membership today! [Become a Member]

Join the CYCABC

CYCABC Members are individuals, associates, students, schools and organizations.

 As a member, you will:

  • Support the growth and development of practitioners in the Human Social Services Sector who uphold Child and Youth Care (CYC) professional values.
  • Unite with a provincial network of CYC professionals with access to networking, through events and the distribution of Job Postings.
  • Have a voice for progress the CYC sector through online discussions, meetings and events to determine how to create professionalism, movement and recognition of the field of CYC practice at local, provincial and national levels.
  • Have access to free or low-cost CYCABC and partner events, workshops and conferences
  • Access to current news, events and research through social media and e-mail.

Membership terms run from April 1st through March 31st, annually, and fall into three categories:

Student Memberships $30: for students enrolled in full or part-time studies in the field of Child and Youth Care, including certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs.

Individual Memberships $50:  for people who work or volunteer in the field of Child and Youth Care, or embrace the values of CYC practice in the field of human services.

Organization Memberships $200: for organizations and schools that employ, train, or educate people who represent the values of Child and Youth Care in the human services field.

With this membership option you will receive 3 individual memberships to provide to 3 staff of your choice.  These staff will have access to all benefits associated with membership including training, networking, newsletters and other professional development opportunities. 

Please click the following link to apply for a Student, Individual or Organization membership. [CYCABC Membership]

For more information on memberships, please email membership@cycabc.com